Strategic Marketing

In order to increase the number of participants and target groups for your event, we design a strategic marketing concept tailor-made for your event.


With the appropriate marketing tools and communication channels, we can reach out to your customers optimally at events and congresses with complex content and heterogeneous target groups.

Get to Know Your Target Groups

We capture new potential target groups for your event by analyzing the audience.


By applying an audience analysis for your event, you gain important insights into the classification and potential of new and existing interest groups.Often a slight change of perspective in the creation of the topics opens up completely new target groups for your congress. By capturing new and existing target groups, a first readjustment of your marketing strategies can take place.

By analysing the target audience for the event, important realisations to the classification about potential new and existing target groups.


Often a slight change of perspective in the line-up of topics allows access to entirely news target audiences for your congress. Through this acquisition of new and existing participants the first adjustment of the marketing strategy should be performed.

Target Group Specific Communication

Through a smart and sophisticated cross-media-communication mix we can reach the desired target group.

Print, internet, digital newsletters and social media channels – each target group uses its own array of channels in today’s increasingly complex world of communication. One point remains essential: The right combination of content and the right format, communicated via the appropriate channels in the appropriate medium, this determines the success of all undertaken efforts.


A simple flyer with the specific topics of the respective target group in the appropriate communication channel can sometimes be more effective than comprehensive main programs.

Print, internet, digital newsletters and social media, every target group uses a mixture of communication channels in the ever more complex offer of today. One aspect that remains important: The right combination of content and form, communicated via the appropriate channel in the fitting medium determines the degree of success.


A simple flyer with specific topics aimed at the respective target groups via the appropriate communication channel is sometimes more effective that a comprehensive main program.

We Offer Holistic Marketing

Our strategies are designed to reflect your event as a whole with all facets and phases.


Increasing the number of participants for your congress is an important objective. However, your congress is just one element within the endeavors and work for the association or your society.


In order to increase the potential of association marketing in combination with your congress, we offer you a holistic marketing strategy with close integration of all components. Member recruitment, media liaison as well as political engagement are all part of a successful conference marketing strategy.

 Increasing the number of participants of your congress is an important goal. Perceived holistically, the congress is only a building block of the goals of the association and/or company.


To increase the potential of association marketing in combination with your congress we offer holistic marketing strategy support taking into account all components. Participant acquisition, press work and political engagement are part of a successful marketing strategy.

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