Congress Advice


Would you like to organise your event independently? As an organiser you do not need a PCO or an agency, you want to plan your event with your co-workers – professionally and personally?


We understand this!

Learning by doing

„Learning by doing“ means solid groundwork instead of abstract seminar training.

With the congress advisor you receive the support for your actual requirements, in exactly the areas that you genuinely need.

The advantages clearly at hand:


• Coaching for your employees in those areas that are actually needed combined with the practical situation within their own event.


• Developing planning tools together tailored to your event.


• A personal, fast and individual support and consultation.


• Surety in the areas, which make out the day to day routine: Liability Insurance, KSK, GEMA.


What can we provide? In what areas can we support you?

Our representatives have gained long standing and diverse experience in the entire event organisation sector over the years. For this reason, they possess the required routine and fundamental knowledge in this multifaceted and fast changing industry.


BUT: Perfectionism is not everything! Personal contacts, reliable partners – everything remains, as is. Your employees remain the foremost priority. We are the only the starting assistance in the areas you choose, we remain at your side for as long as it is needed.


How is this supposed to work? Clearly with your personal expectations kept in mind.

One of our congress consultants would visit you – respectively this can be done in a group – in order to discuss how you are currently working, what problems you can identify, what you would like to keep unchanged and what changes you would like to make. This meeting counts as a mutual introduction and is free of charge.


At this time, we peg what areas need engage support and which team member would be taken on board and assist with the necessary tasks.


If needed we would make available templates and documentation as planning instruments (budgets, timelines, tenders, checklist, etc…) for you and continue their development together.


At this time your team members become the lead actors, we conduct and operate in the background complimenting, supporting when and where necessary. This could be location scouting, choosing parameters for print media, comparing quotes of subcontractors amongst other things…


It is important that your team members can see the choices being made clearly and transparently so they might understand how and why the choices are made according to which parameters. This supervision will only be pursued as far as necessary. The primary goal remains independent working.

Service Portfolio

In that areas can we support you for example?

  • Location scouting
  • Development of timelines and budgets
  • Finding the right abstracts and management software
  • Examination of quotes and contracts
  • Design template documentation
  • Marketing concepts for participants
  • Third-party acquisition and fundraising
  • Safeguarding, liability, KSK, GEMA, third party liability, insurance etc.

Your Contact Person


Susanne Schmidt

“Every event is unique; it has a soul so to speak. It is inspiring and highly exciting to be able to discover this anew time and time again and to be allowed to contribute, to see how it unfolds in the preparation time and comes alive. And to see how the respective team receives the participants and guests full of pride, that is the most beautiful reward.”


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