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We organise events – from workshops to congresses – and offer the entire management package including preparation, execution and evaluation. Have a look at our customer feedback.

Financial Planning and Management

A solid foundation leads to a financially successful concept for your event.

Budget Planning and Financial Management

Congresses are often an important source of income for organizers and companies.

We guarantee complete transparency, fiduciary management of all income and expenditure, as well as a constant review of the income-revenue cost ratio including suggestions for optimization.

Total financing

We take care of the production and planning of a realistic budget and financial plans.


During the whole preparation phase we will carry out regular reporting with evaluation and action planning, e.g. for cost increase.

Account management

We are happy to take over the complete bookkeeping and accounts for you and check all incoming and outgoing invoices.


Should you wish, we carry out an accurate and complete collection of income from participants and industry.


Detailed statements with receipts will be delivered about 8-12 weeks after the event.

Your Contact Person


Susanne Schmidt
+49 3643 2468-119


“You would like risk assumption for individual events or for your entire congress? We can offer you a fiscally ensured contract constellation, speak with us.”

Corporate Communication and Marketing

We strengthen the visual identification of your event for a clearly structured image of all communication activities internally and externally.

Corporate Communication and Marketing



Profit from the continued development of your event through new content, formats and strategic partnerships. The congress forms the basis, we operate accordingly in the background.

Corporate design

We develop a coherent and uniform corporate design for optimal visual communication of your event.

Event website

We create a website for your congress and keep it updated.

Advertising and social media

We assure maximized publicity for your event on thematically related congresses and social networks.

Print media

We deal with the editing and design as well as the coordination of delivery of all print media.

Collaborative partnerships

We are glad to organize media co-operations if you so choose.

Press and public relations

We are happy to produce respective  relevant press kits for you.

Your Contact Person


Andreas Kluge
Corporate Communication und Marketing
+49 3643 2468-135


“Marketing means for me, reaching out to new target groups accurately and winning more participants for your event.”

Exhibitor and Sponsorship Management

Increase the attractiveness of your event for participants and sponsors

Exhibition and Sponsor Management


Regardless of the size and magnitude of your event we plan the accompanying industrial and specific exhibition according to your requirements and develop attractive sponsoring concepts with you.

Code-compliant sponsorship services

When developing sponsorship services we work on the basis of a personal approach, individuality and code conformity.

Planning event traffic and aesthetics

In order to ensure the attractiveness of all exhibition areas we pay attention to local conditions and have sophisticated participant routing in mind.

Events organisation

For a larger audience and more visitors in the exhibition area, we organize innovation tours, catering and are able to stream the events live.


If requested, we would take over acquisition of funds by sponsors and other supporters.

Your Contact Person


Roberto Keßler
Exhibition and Sponsor Management
+49 3643 2468-124


“You can certainly expect the classic exhibitor and sponsor management. This includes, amongst other things, the creation of the appropriate booking forms, stand concepts including contract processing and debt collection.”

Abstract and Speaker Management

Through the perfect all-round service, no wish will remain unfulfilled for your prestigious speakers.

Abstract and Speaker Management

Speakers and authors have one thing in common: They have very little time. Therefore we do everything in our power to save as much of this precious resource as possible.

Secretary offices

With us you can count on a very close coordination and active support by the scientific secretarial bodes.

Online program

We keep an eye on all changes and keep the online program updated for you.

Manuscript management

We are glad to organize the overall abstract management.

Travel management

We support your travel arrangements and respective cost control.

Speaker hotline

We ensure the permanent accessibility of the employees by setting up a hotline for the speakers.

Optimal care on site

We pay all attention to the on-site support of the speakers. We are at their disposal be it at the media check-in or in the retreat area.

Your Contact Person


Claudia Holzweißig
Abstract and Speaker Management
+49 3643 2468-123


“With pleasure I will tailor our systems to fit the individual requirements of your congress, that no wishes remain unfulfilled.”

Participant and Guest Management

Whether 200 or 20’000 participants – at your event we take care of every single guest.

Participant and Guest Management


Highest satisfaction is accomplished by treating the participants and guests with the utmost respect and care for a impressionably memorable congress.

Permanent availability

Our staff is there for you, your participants and guests around the clock.

Customer service

We always have an open ear for the wishes of your guests.

Online registration

For both, individual and group registrations, we will create a convenient online registration based on your requirements and policies.

Management of event documentation

We are happy to create personalized event documents and organize their distribution.

New customer care concepts

To make your event an unforgettable one, we introduce innovative participants support through new trends such as  self-printing badges, etc.


Should something not work we take it upon ourselves to solve the problem immediately.

Your Contact Person


Claudia Holzweißig
Participant and Guest Management
+49 3643 2468-123


“Improve your participant satisfaction though electronic registration and downloadable training certificates. I will gladly advise you here.”

Company and Association Management

We coordinate and tend to the businesses – reliably, competent and with passion.

Company and Association Management

We offer the opportunity to engage yourself more intensively with your company’s and association’s goals. With the necessary sensitivity we take over your coordination, organization and communication work. Discover our services in the areas of company and association management.


Data maintenance

We organize the entire contact- and documents management and take care of data updates.


We are happy to handle all financing and accounting of the event, including the management of contributions according to respective criteria.

Preparation and documentation of meetings

We prepare and document your general assemblies or board meetings.


On request we organize the administration of subscriptions and newsletters.

Your Contact Person


Susanne Schmidt
Company- & Association Management
+49 3643 2468-119


“From debt collection to sending the annual report, I will gladly develop individual support concepts with you.”

Evaluation and Documentation

Recognise importance by evaluation the documentation of your event.

Evaluation and Documentation


 Nothing guarantees more sustainability than solid documentation and evaluation. We will find out what is of great interest to your participants and which programs they wish for in future.

Quality management

To ensure quality we set up a separate complaint management system for participants, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Evaluation with the congress-app

With a tool called “evaluate” all participants have access to evaluate specific lectures directly, which is helpful for the development of future conferences.

Your Contact Person


Andreas Kluge
Evaluation und Documentation
+49 3643 2468-135


“Ask your guests online before, during and after the event. I will help you choose the right tools.”

Full-Service Package

Profit from our internally coordinated holistic complete package.

Full-Service Package


With each new customer we learn and gain more experience. Of particular importance to us is the investment in creating new networks and to acquire content-based expertise.

Active participation in content creation

As a long-term partner we organize creative meetings every half a year and participate in content creation of your events.

Detailed planning in advance

We take care of supervision during the installation and dismantling period, prepare all necessary congress materials, order and coordinate catering, and create a daily schedule and detailed staff plan.

Optimal on-site support

We set up a central congress office, coordinate all subcontractors with their respective staff and supervise all event technologies. At all strategic points you will find our staff and are assured friendly and competent support of your participants, speakers, and exhibitors.

Your Contact Person


Susanne Schmidt
+49 3643 2468-119


“Curiosity and mutual trust is the basis for creative development of new congress concepts.”

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